Jungle Wall Stickers

Beautiful Jungle Wall Stickers

Most people like to enjoy the beauty of the jungle. Maybe that’s why they want to use jungle stickers in their bedroom or living room. If you are a jungle lover then you can read the article to the end. We have listed some best jungle wall stickers in this article.

Some precautions should be taken when buying wall stickers. Some bad quality stickers can ruin the beauty of the house as well as the colour of the walls. With this in mind, we have selected some of the best wall stickers that you can buy without any hesitation.

We have taken the help of Amazon and Etsy to make this list. We know that these are the most trusted and popular websites in the world. You can buy your favourite sticker easily from anywhere in the world.

10. Monkey Wall stickers

Image Credit – Etsy.com

The monkey is the very cutest animal in the jungle. If you are a monkey lover then you can use this monkey sticker on your wall. This wall sticker was made by the very popular Etsy seller Stickerscape team. It has more than 74k sales with a 5-star rating.

This sticker featured two monkeys with very good colour combinations. Most children like monkeys, so this can be a great sticker if you are searching for an attractive sticker for a child’s room.

This jungle wall sticker is made with high-quality PVC paper, so you can use it for a long time. The size of the two monkeys is 35 × 75 cm ( approximately) which is perfect for any type of wall size.

This Jungle sticker comes with a very reasonable price, you can buy these monkey wall stickers at around $16.

9. Jungle Tree and Animals Wall Stickers 

Jungle Tree and Animals Wall Stickers
Image Credit – Etsy.com

We listed any great product from Stickerscape. These guys are experts at making jungle wall stickers. Many many thanks to this team for creating such an amazing product.

We saw some animals in the previous jungle sticker but in this sticker, you will see animals as well as trees. This jungle wall sticker featured a cute palm tree, monkey, parrot, two hummingbirds and a little chameleon.

The size of the palm tree is about 119 × 57 cm and the other animals are between 40 × 13 cm. You can assume that the whole sticker size is approximately 167 × 217 cm.

This jungle sticker is made in a very beautiful colour combination which can give the feeling of a jungle environment in the house. You can buy this sticker if you are looking for a perfect wall jungle sticker for a bedroom or nursery.

This sticker is made with PVC paper and the price is around $ 45. This sticker price is not high According to the design, material quality and size. So you can buy this sticker if you want.

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8.  Jungle Stickers For Nursery 

The forest environment creates a distinct beauty in the house. This kind of beauty is needed in a nursery to make kids happy instantly. Some good quality jungle wall stickers are enough to create this kind of beauty.

Simple Shapes Store is selling vinyl jungle wall stickers on amazon at a relatively low price. In this wall sticker, you will see some cute monkeys hanging from tree branches.

This kind of amazing sticker can easily remind you of the beautiful environment of the forest.

The size of the sticker is around 65 “× 90” which can easily cover a medium size wall. The price of this sticker is comparatively much higher but the product quality and customer reviews are very good.

7. Cute Jungle Wall Stickers 

Cute Jungle Wall-Stickers
Image Credit – Etsy.com

We found another amazing and very popular jungle sticker on Etsy. A seller named KennaSatoDesigns has sold this product more than 110k times with very good customer ratings and reviews.

The craftsmanship of this sticker makes it most popular. This complete sticker has been made with over 24 pcs of wild animal stickers like cat, elephant, horse, crocodile, tiger, giraffe etc. The size of all these stickers is about 1 × 7 inches.

All the stickers are printed on Oracal 631 vinyl paper and you can use these on smooth, flat, clean, and dry surface walls. Moreover, you can buy this jungle sticker from more than 40 colour options.

The price of this jungle wall sticker is around $ 30 which is reasonable according to the quality of the product. So, you can buy this beautiful wall sticker pack Without any hesitation.

6. Jungle Wall Sticker Pack 

Jungle Wall Sticker Pack 
Image Credit – Etsy.com

Etsy has an endless collection of stickers. Here you will find different types and different sizes of wall stickers at a very low price. The OakdeneDesigns team is selling very useful jungle wall stickers at around $89. 

This sticker pack is made up of a combination of several plants and animals that you can use to shape the wall into a jungle. This sticker pack includes:- 

  •  1× hanging monkey ( Size – 47cm x 60cm )
  •  1 × Monkey on branch ( Size – 132cm x 51cm )
  •  1× toucan on a branch ( Size – 96cm x 63cm )
  •  1 x corner bunch of foliage ( Size – 50cm x 67cm )
  •  4 x vines ( Biggest Vines Size -75cm x 60cm and Small Vines size- 68cm×25cm )
  •  4×leaves ( Biggest Leaves Size – 64cm x 20cm and small Leaves Size- 40cm×17cm )

Moreover, you can buy a butterfly sticker pack with this order that will make your design more beautiful.

5. Perfect Jungle Stickers

Image Credit – Amazon.com

Am Amaonm team created such a beautiful jungle sticker which can be used in Nursery, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Classroom, Playroom, etc. This sticker pack is printed on high-quality Pvc paper which can be used for a long time.

This sticker pack has been created with a combination of some beautiful plants and animals which will be able to give the feeling of a jungle environment inside the house.

This pack includes so many wild animals like Zebra, Elephant, rhinoceros, tiger, lion etc. Also, It has a lot of plants and leaves that will make your design more beautiful.

This 8 sheet sticker pack costs around $ 16 which is not too much in terms of product quantity and quality. So you can buy this product from this seller.

4. Palm Leaf Wall Stickers

Image Credit – Etsy.com

We added another good product to this list from KennaSatoDesigns.This jungle sticker is very beautiful and useful which can easily change the beauty of the house. It has more than 110k sales on Etsy with amazing customer ratings and reviews.

This sticker pack comes with 27 pcs of palm leaf stickers. Each palm leaf is made using a beautiful colour combination. All the stickers are printed on high-quality Oracal 631 vinyl paper to make them last longer.

These stickers can be of different sizes, You can assume that the sizes will be between 1.5″ to 10.25″. Moreover, if you want a sticker of a certain size, you can contact the seller.

If you want indoor wall stickers you can buy this sticker pack. This sticker pack costs around $ 48 Which is perfect according to the quality.

3. Beautiful Wall Sticker

Image Credit – Etsy.com

You can get a beautiful 170cm × 100cm jungle wall sticker at around $ 62. The Eudajmonia team has made this beautiful sticker which has more than 30k sales. This sticker has some colourful animals, birds and plants Which can easily turn your wall design into a jungle.

The sticker is made with eco-friendly vinyl paper so you can use it for a long time. All the wild animals and trees have been created using watercolour art in a very perfect way. You can easily use it on any smooth surface.

We have noticed that this vendor is very friendly, if the customer encounters any problem, they help immediately. Their beautiful products and pleasant support will impress you. If you want a beautiful wall sticker then buy this one.

2. Amazing Jungle Wall Stickers 

Image Credit – Etsy.com

You can find an unlimited number of jungle wall stickers on the internet! Especially on Etsy, Here you can find different designs, colours and sizes of jungle stickers at very low prices. A beautiful jungle wall sticker made by the CostaCover team has taken 2nd place on our list.

This sticker pack is made up of a combination of several wild animals and plants. It contains some colourful animal stickers like Tiger, Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Monkey etc. These stickers are beautifully designed with a perfect colour combination.

All the stickers are printed on the best quality vinyl paper which is cadmium and lead-free. The size of this sticker ranges from 50 “H × 85” W to 100 “H × 140” W. Moreover, you can choose this sticker between two types of material: 1) fabric peel & stick or 2) vinyl peel & stick.

The price of the sticker has started from around $ 8. The price increases according to the size of the sticker.

This type of sticker can be the perfect way to create a modern jungle themed room. So you check out this product without any worries. 

1.  Best Jungle Stickers Of All Time

Best Jungle Stickers
Image Credit – Etsy.com

We are happy to announce that watercolour jungle wall stickers created by Stickerscape have taken first place in this list. We are fascinated by the design of this sticker.

This sticker is made of a combination of some wild animals and trees, such as: –

  • Elephant – 74cm x 47cm
  • Giraffe – 89cm x 41cm
  • Lion – 35cm x 28cm
  • Monkey – 42cm x 42cm
  • Tree – 139cm x 63cm

This type of jungle wall sticker will be able to easily give the feeling of a jungle in the house. This can be a perfect sticker for a nursery. Kids love this kind of wildlife so much.

This beautiful wall sticker costs around 34$ which is quite reasonable in terms of product quality. If you really want a beautiful jungle sticker then you can definitely buy this product!

✎ Conclusion

We always try to add the best products to our blog. In this article, we have listed the best jungle wall stickers in the market. Here each item is made of vinyl paper which you can use for a long time. Moreover, each sticker has very good customer ratings and reviews. So you can buy any sticker in this list.

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