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Cute Water Bottle Stickers In 2022

Lots of manufacturers are making new types of water bottles every day. Maybe that’s why so many people are looking for water bottle stickers on the Internet. We have listed some best water bottle stickers in this article. I hope you will be able to find the perfect water bottle sticker from here.

There are two types of water bottle stickers available in the market: 1) Normal Sticker – those printed on 45 gsm Paper 2) Vinyl Sticker- they are printed on Vinyl Paper. In most cases, this type of vinyl sticker is more durable. Although the price of such stickers is a little higher.

We have collected 10 Best Water Bottle Stickers Pack from Amazon, and Etsy. These are the largest websites in the world. We have made a list of 1 to 10 based on customer ratings, reviews and total sales.

Let’s take a look at some of the best water bottle sticker packs in the world.

10. Personalised Water Bottle Stickers 

Personalised Water Bottle Stickers
Image Credit – Etsy.com

Everyone likes Personalised Stickers. Everyone wants to have their name written on their favourite water bottle. For this reason, Etsy seller  “TheLabelTouch” has made such a sticker. Each sticker is made on our favourite Vinyl Paper which is Water Resistant.

From this store, you can buy Completely Personalised Water Bottle Stickers such as: write text as you want, text Colour & font, Sticker Size etc. A sticker with a word (12 characters) costs less than a dollar. Moreover, you will be able to get the sticker from 1 inch to 12 inches.

9. Custom Name Water Bottle Stickers 

Custom Name Water Bottle Stickers 
Image Credit – Etsy.com

We found another great product on Etsy. GoldenCollectDesigns Team is selling high-quality vinyl water bottle stickers. Not only ordinary stickers, also you can buy Custom Vinyl Water Bottle Stickers from this store. You can send the name, colour, and font to the seller and you will get a cute sticker in 2 to 3 days. 

Here you will find a Handmade Custom Water Bottle Sticker between 1.5 inches to 8 inches. Currently, this sticker has been bought by around 1000 people. From every customer’s rating and reviews, I can say that this can be the best custom Water Bottle Sticker for you.

8.  Inspirational and cute Water Bottle Sticker

Image Credit – Etsy.com

If you want an inspirational and cute Water Bottle Sticker then you can visit Etsy Seller LenAndLaine’s Store. From this store, you can buy “You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie” Water Bottle Sticker. You will get two types of stickers, Mini and Regular. 

The Mini Sticker measures 1.34×1.25 inches and costs around $ 1.78. On the other hand, the size of the regular sticker is 2.34×2.5 inches which cost around $ 2.61. This Water Bottle Sticker is made on weatherproof sticker paper which is covered with transparent vinyl paper.

This sticker sold more than 19100 times on Etsy with amazing rating reviews, So you can buy this cute sticker without any hesitation.

7. Vinyl Pokemon Stickers  

Vinyl Pokemon Stickers For Water Bottle
Image Credit – Amazon.com

The Pokemon species is one of the most beautiful anime characters in the world. Everyone loves Pokemon species like Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax, Ditto, Mew, Bulbasaur, Palkia etc. For this, we did not forget to mention pokemon stickers in this post.

Utqrohj store is selling high-quality vinyl Pokemon stickers on amazon. The sizes of these stickers are between 5.08 cm to 9.43 cm which you can easily use in water bottles. You can buy 50 pcs of vinyl pokemon stickers at around $9. The price is reasonable according to the quality and quantity of the sticker. If you are a fan of pokemon then you can buy this sticker pack from this seller.

If you want to buy other types of pokemon stickers then you can read this article as well – Best Pokemon Stickers

6. Holographic Custom Name Sticker

Image Credit – Etsy.com

There is no end to human creativity! We have seen the general design sticker before but now we will see the Holographic Sticker! The SteexProShop team has created a custom holographic sticker of rainbow colour which is printed on high-quality Vinyl Paper.

You can make your own holographic sticker of your choice. You can choose the font and colour of the sticker if you want. Before you buy, you will get about 30 Colour Combination options. Here you will find stickers between 1.8 inches to 11 inches. 

The price of a 1.8-inch sticker is around $ 2.88 (For 3 Letters) which is not much more according to the quality of the sticker. This sticker is a very popular product on Etsy, it has more than 50k sales with very good ratings and reviews. Each sticker comes with a very nice design that will help enhance the beauty of your water bottle.

5. Custom Name Stickers

Image Credit – Etsy.com

Etsy seller WerkaCo is providing some best quality stickers at a very cheap price. Not only ordinary stickers they are making custom vinyl water bottle stickers with proper sizes and colours. They sold more than 7k water bottle stickers with very good ratings and amazing customer reviews.

All the stickers are handmade and come with glass finish work. We also notice that the colour combinations on the stickers are very rich and very attractive. You can choose a design within 10 types of colour combinations. 

All stickers are vinyl made so they can be perfect for your water bottle. And price? don’t worry, this shop provides stickers at a very reasonable price. The price of this sticker has started from $ 4 which is reasonable according to the product quality.

4. Minecraft Water Bottle Stickers 

Image Credit – Etsy.com

Minecraft is a very popular game in the world. For this, many people want to have Minecraft Related physical objects with them. If they can use the Minecraft sticker on their favourite water bottle, maybe their expectations are expected to be largely met.

You can get different types of Minecraft Stickers from the CaleighCrafts team at very low prices. Here you will find Minecraft Stickers like Dragon, Creeper, Pig, Enderman, TNT, Cave Spider, Bee, Skeleton, Mooshroom, Sword, Zombie etc. 

Each sticker is made with high-quality Polyvinyl Sticker Paper which is perfect for a water bottle! Moreover, you can choose the size of the sticker of your choice from this store.

3. Cute Animal Vinyl Stickers

Image Credit – Amazon.com

We know that Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world so there is no shortage of stickers. We have found a sticker seller who is selling more than 100 water bottle stickers for around $ 5, also all the stickers are made of Polyvinyl Chloride paper. It is quite Surprising to think but true!

Many thanks to the JOSIO team for selling this kind of beautiful sticker at such a low price. The size of the stickers is 4.7 x 4 x 0.6 inches which are perfect for use in any water bottle. According to the seller, the stickers are made using high-quality vinyl paper which is waterproof and reusable.

These stickers are specially made for kids, teens, and boys who like cute animals and cartoon characters. The colour combinations are very nicely used in these stickers which is enough to change the look of the water bottle instantly.

See, friends, ordinary paper stickers are not useful for water bottles, so you can choose this type of vinyl sticker. It can be long lasting and money worthy. If you want to buy some high-quality water bottle stickers at very cheap prices then you can take them from this amazon seller.

2. 100 Pcs Animal Stickers For Water Bottle

Animal Stickers For Water Bottle
Image Credit – Amazon.com

We have said before that vinyl stickers should always be used for water bottles because such stickers are not easily grey and damaged. So we have added a vinyl sticker in the 4th place of this article.

As before, these are also a cartoon and animal stickers for use in water bottles. This sticker is made of Vinyl, Polyvinyl Chloride material with sizes ranging from 2.5 to 4.5inches. Each sticker is made using very beautiful colour combinations that will be able to attract teenagers.

This Amazon seller Acekar is selling 100 pcs of animal and cartoon stickers that you can buy for around $ 8. Although the price is not very high according to the quality of the sticker. This type of sticker price is like this. Moreover, it is a pack of 100 pcs! You can buy this sticker pack to make your water bottle more beautiful.

1. Best Sticker Pack For Water Bottle

Image Credit – Amazon.com

 There is no end to the offer, you can get more than 300 pcs vinyl stickers for approximately $ 14. The OtRainbow team created animal and cartoon stickers that were printed on high-quality water-resistant vinyl paper. Not only for water bottles, they can be used very well on any kind of surface such as a bag, study table, helmet, laptop, phone etc.

You can roughly assume that the size of these stickers will be between 2.5 Ă— 3.5 inches which will be suitable for water bottles. The stickers come with high-definition printing and beautiful colour combinations.

If you want to buy stickers in bulk then you can buy this pack. This pack is quite affordable according to the market rate. At this rate 300 pcs vinyl stickers are very rarely available in the market. So you can buy this pack without any hesitation. 

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